Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)

Address: 5700 S Cicero Ave
Phone: (773) 838-9111
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 492009


  • Evan Favreau

    Ride the moving walkways.
  • Jeff Ringgenberg

    Fly Southwest! I'm loving the new chairs and electrical outlets.
  • Coleman Kelly

    Fly Southwest! They actually have a sense of humor.
  • Scott Glascock

    Moving sidewalk etiquette: walk on left, stand on right.
  • Team Coco

    "Sometimes I'll buy a plane ticket just so I can get through security and eat at the "Chili's Too" restaurant - home to the 3rd best fajitas in Chicago" - Conan O'Brien
  • Eddie Roger

    If you know how to travel, use the expert lane. It's crazy fast.
  • David Armano

    only go through expert traveler line if you are indeed an expert.
  • Micah

    Fly Southwest. Good bargain, great service.
  • Sydney Owen Williams

    If you're traveling light take the expert traveler line (far right) at security. Lightning fast!
  • bobby tyning

    watch out for the high pressure faucets it looks like I just pissed my pants.
  • S. Courtney Walton

    don't forget to print your boarding pass at home, so you can go straight to security
  • Benjamin Roodman

    Potbelly's Big sandwich for $6.13 with tax is the best food value at Midway
  • mtnbke

    Southwest does it right! There is scarcity of outlets in this airport and they put in a bunch of seats with outlets at their gates!
  • Rhiannon B

    Potbelly Sandwiches! Get your final fix before you leave Chicago.
  • Juan CONEJO

    Welcome to Chicago or if you are traveling have a great flight.
  • Kelli Shives

    Caution: the moving walkway... is ending.
  • Aniela Ta

    Midway/southwest has the slowest baggage claim on earth. If you are flying into Chicago and can avoid checking luggage, you will save yourself a lot of time waiting!
  • Elizabeth

    The seats with the outlets are for ple using computers. Not for sleepers and your giant bag
  • Michael Kent

    Go ahead - nap on your flight to this airport. The aircraft carrier-style landings at Midway's short runways will wake you up!
  • Tom Besore (Realtor)

    Take the CTA Orange line to and from this place. Its easy and inexpensive!
  • Kathleen Souder

    For the love of goodness. Please don't stand on the moving walkways. It does nothing to dispel the fat American stereotype.
  • Tyler Hurst

    Don't fly AirTran. They suck.
  • Justine ? Ezarik

    Worst coffee shops of any airport. Poo in a cup.
  • NPR

    Welcome to Chicago! If you want to listen to the local NPR station, turn your dial to FM 91.5 (WBEZ). Enjoy your trip.
  • Brandon Hillier

    Flight delayed? Miller's Pub in Concourse B is definitely the spot to kill some time & have a cold beer.
  • jessica perrin

    try to fly in here when you want to avoid the size, crowds and extreme cab lines at ORD
  • Eater

    Best Options: Harry Caray's Seventh Inning Stretch, Lalo's, Gold Coast Dogs, & Reilly's Daughter are all in Midway Triangle Food Court; Manny's in Concourse A; Potbelly Sandwich Shop in Concourse B.
  • Darcy Stalport

    If you're flying Southwest, there are armchairs with AC and USB power at the end of the B gate jetway
  • BYOBandits

    Mean mug everyone on your plane and keep the middle seat open.
  • Perry Ellis

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