Chicago Union Station

Address: 225 S Canal St
Phone: (312) 322-6777
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  • Walgreens

    This flu season: Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after using public transportation. Theres a way to stay well.
  • Explore Chicago

    Union Stations south staircase is the setting for one of The Untouchables most memorable scenes, which depicts a baby carriage caught in a crossfire. This scene pays homage to Battleship Potemkin.
  • Frank Davis

    If you stand on the escalator stay to the right. Walking, stay left.
  • Phiction

    Don't give money to the herd of homless outside. The same people have been there for years.
  • (RED)

    Happy holidays and safe travels from (RED). Here's our travel tip:pack an (APPLE)RED iPod Nano andsome (PENGUIN)RED books for the trip! Enjoy.
  • Dave Knapik

    Don't get on a train and go to the suburbs. Just stay in the city. You know it makes sense.
  • Metromix

    The Metro Bar in the great hall is good spot to grab a beer before heading home
  • Demond Walker

    All trains depart ON TIME
  • Tina Olsen

    Remember escalator/stair etiquette everyone: stairs: stay to the right. You don't own both sides! Escalator: left for walking right for standing.
  • Nanc Nanc Revo

    arrive early so you can get a good seat. or wined up sitting next to some stranger.
  • Jeffrey Pfaller

    Amtrak waiting room is a mush pit at best. arrive early.
  • Jenny Korn

    Arrive 30 mins early to get in line for good seats
  • Matt Kelly

    You must check in 5 minutes before or they won't let you on the train-no exceptions!
  • Jeremy Peters

    Someone needs to get here before people show up and record all the gates repeatedly saying the track number. There's something strangely beautiful about it.
  • Joe Rago

    The Metro Bar in the great hall is good spot to grab a beer before heading home.
  • Scott Kleinberg

    On a crazy cold day you can walk the equivalent of 2 full blocks by walking through the Great Hall and the food court.
  • Tina Olsen

    Remember people always stay to right. There re people trying to catch trains to burbs. Not just into city. Mutual respect.
  • Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel

    The Great Hall is considered to be one of the greatest indoor spaces in the US. Originally designed by architect Daniel Burnham and completed in 1925 by the Graham, Anderson, Probst & White Firm.
  • Brandon Druch

    Nuts on Clark doesn't touch Garret's popcorn. But it's good in a pinch.
  • Coleman Rasof

    Mens bathroom: if you're gonna use the urinal hide your wiener, no dividers!
  • Adam Parchert

    If you are coming in with the morning commute, be prepared to walk briskly. It's like a herd of cattle moving up the escalators
  • A A

    Make sure to eat at Burrito Beach and stop at the Snuggery. Good Times.
  • Drew Carpenter

    Milwaukee west line to elgin/big timber is on the north side usually on track 11 when I take it. Takes about an hour to get to Hanover Park
  • Lori Ruff, The LinkedIn Diva

    Traveling with? Get a sleeper for $100 bucks more. Includes dinner & Metropolitan Lounge Access! (Ask for Gregory on the #7)
  • Adam rarestock

    The best newsstand that I've found in Chicago is here. Lots of import & specialty magazines.
  • Benjamin Nelson

    There is now a Dunkin' Donuts at Union Station... Woo hoo!
  • Rick Leonard

    You save 8 seconds by walking on the escalator...and it's not worth knocking people on the left over. Don't be a dick, use the stairs if you are going to miss your train by 16 seconds.
  • Benson Kwong

    Chicago Union Station, designed by Chicago architect Daniel Burnham, was opened in 1925 after a decade of construction, costing $75 million ($935 million in 2010 dollars) to complete.
  • Lance H

    There is an entrance off of Clinton street that brings you through the great hall and directly to the Metra trains.
  • Catie Cavenagh

    This is where you go to ride trains.
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